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Meet the Team
Hello from your newest and local
micro-brewery 'Sandstone'.  Sandstone
brewers philosophy is
"We drink it,
therefore we brew it"
and over the
next few weeks, we will be brewing it for
Come meet our team:
Pene Coles:
I am a trained home economics teacher with a passion for real ale, therefore it didn’t take me long to work
out how to make the stuff and I have been mashing and sparging for friends and family for 30 years.  In
1993 I opened a home brew shop, the ‘Jolly Brewer’ in Wrexham and it gave me access to all the beer
making ingredients that I was having trouble finding in the town.  Years later I obtained an off-licence for
the shop, sold lots of lovely micro-brewed ales. Then in 2000 I registered as a brewer so that I could sell
my own bottled conditioned real ales.  My little brewery also named, ‘ Jolly Brewer’ went from strength to
strength and Keith, who was originally one of my home brew customers tried to persuade me to expand
the business. I was reluctant to do this because I am very proud of what I have achieved and would like
to keep it in the family.  I met Sarah after she had tasted my ‘Druid Ale’ in the Druid Inn, Pontblydden. She
emailed asking if we could meet and it was a pleasure to do so because of her passion for ale is equal to
mine. Sarah began to attend CAMRA meeting and met Keith, who by this time had persuaded me to join
him in this new brewery venture. I am very excited about Sandstone Brewery and I intend to devote as
much time as possible to it whilst keeping ‘Jolly Brewer’ alive.
Having spent the last 22 years enjoying ales and the pub scene in general, I decided to consider brewing
as a ‘lifestyle choice’ around 1997. Having homebrewed since, I attended a Brewing Course with
BrewLab at Sunderland University in 2005. From there on I did away with the brew-packs and started to
home brew using a semi-automated system, experimenting with various grains and adjuncts. Through my
general interest for local ale and the need to establish a source of brewing support, I met Pene.  My
association with Keith came soon after via our local CAMRA group.  The three of us have been planning
Sandstone Brewery since early 2007 and wished to continue the brewing tradition already established in
the history of the Wrexham area.  Pene and I are the optimists of the group, which works well with Keith’s
natural pragmatism and attention to detail! Our skills and areas of expertise complement each other and
combined we are convinced you will not be dissatisfied with Sandstone Brewery’s offerings.  Up with
your glass…
Keith trained as a chemist, and has two degrees, B Sc. (Hons) from Manchester University and Ph D. ,
also Manchester University, but the only practical chemistry he has ever been involved with has been in
the brewing of beer.  He has been a CAMRA member for some years and is passionate about cask ale,
having tested the products over many years and in many parts of Britain.  Being involved in setting up and
helping to run a brewery is a long held ambition, so after many years as buyer, production planner,
distribution & logistics manager and finally operations manager with well-known food and detergent
manufacturers, the time has arrived to realise the ambition.  Meeting with Pene Coles and Sarah Atherton
who have similar brewing ambitions has now created the opportunity to brew commercially.  The team at
Sandstone has a good blend of skills and personality;  Sarah’s enthusiasm and marketing drive, coupled
with Pene’s brewing expertise and trade contacts will complement Keith’s commercial experience.  Roll
out the barrel (well firkin anyway)!
Sarah Atherton:
Keith Porter:
Picture of Keith Porter of Sandstone Brewery
Picture of Pene Coles of Sandstone Brewery
Picture of Sarah Atherton of Sandstone Brewery
Picture of the Sandstone Brewery Team
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Picture of James Bendall of Sandstone Brewery
James Bendall:
Since I was 18, or as soon as legally possible, I have been a real ale drinker and particularly enjoy
consuming golden pale ales. Originally from 'Down South' I moved to Wrexham around 8 years ago,
when I began to brew my own beer as a way of making ale, which my friends and I really wanted to
drink. It was in 2000 that I met Pene, via her Home Brew Shop - The Jolly Brewer and have been helping
out the Jolly Brewer to produce her bottled ales since the beginning of 2008.  When Pene and the team
established Sandstone Brewery I was co-opted in as Technical Advisor which means anything from
overseeing the electrical aspects during the brewery installation to shovelling the spent grain, and of
course making the tea. I recycle the spent hops on my allotment and have been told that my cabbages
are spectacular! I am an Electronics Technician and Software Developer by trade, a skill which has and
is being put to good use by Sandstone Brewery. Like the rest of the team I have been a member of
CAMRA for many years and over the past few months have been playing a more active role.